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It’s hard to reach for the stars when you don’t know what inspires you, but thanks to a chance meeting between Kasumi and a star-shaped guitar, she finally understands her true calling! Kasumi becomes determined to form an all-girl band, and her search leads her to Saya, Arisa, Rimi, and Tae. Featuring live performances by the band Poppin’Party, Kasumi (played by the band’s lead singer, Aimi), prepares to take the stage and make her dreams of stardom come true, no matter the obstacles.




  • kasumi

    Kasumi Toyama


    1st year High School Student. Optimistic and positive.
    With her spontaneous thoughts, she tends to run off in an unexpected direction, surprising the people around her.

  • tae

    Tae Hanazono

    CV.Sae Otsuka

    1st year High School Student. Started playing the guitar since she was in primary school and is pretty skillful.
    Loves music and is very passionate about it. Shows her silly side at times.

  • rimi

    Rimi Ushigome

    CV.Rimi Nishimoto

    1st year High School Student. Shy and introverted.
    Trying to change herself but it is not working out well. Chocolate cornets are her favorite.

  • saya

    Saya Yamabuki

    CV.Ayaka Ohashi

    1st year High School Student. Gentle and filial.
    She helps out at the bread shop at home while studying in high school.
    She also looks after her younger sister and brother.

  • arisa

    Arisa Ichigaya

    CV.Ayasa Ito

    1st year High School Student. Her grandparents own a pawnshop.
    She has outstanding results in school but her personality is a little complicated.
    She learned to play the piano when she was very young, but gave up halfway.