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Kasumi and the rest of Poppin'Party may have achieved their goal, but it turns out they were just at the starting line. Performing is a lot of work, and of course, they're not the only band in town! Do they have what it takes to reach true musical stardom?




  • Poppin'Party
  • Afterglow
  • Pastel*Palettes
  • Roselia
  • Hello,Happy World!


A band of girls from the same class brought together by their lead guitarist and vocalist, Kasumi Toyama. When Kasumi first laid eyes on her star-shaped guitar, she knew she wanted to form a band. Pursuing this dream, she started Poppin'Party with 4 other members. Various circumstances led to trouble bringing the band together, but Kasumi's persistence and passion paid off and slowly her dream became the dream of all 5 members.

  • kasumi

    Kasumi Toyama


  • tae

    Tae Hanazono

    CV.Sae Otsuka

  • rimi

    Rimi Ushigome

    CV.Rimi Nishimoto

  • saya

    Saya Yamabuki

    CV.Ayaka Ohashi

  • arisa

    Arisa Ichigaya

    CV.Ayasa Ito


A girl band made up of 5 childhood friends. When Ran moved to a different class, the girls formed a band so they could still see each other. Now in high school, they love playing in their band, practicing after school, and playing live shows. They get along well with each other and almost never fight. Although they’re still fairly inexperienced, they gained popularity for their powerful performances and strong vocals.

  • ran

    Ran Mitake

    CV.Ayane Sakura

  • moca

    Moca Aoba

    CV.Sachika Misawa

  • himari

    Himari Uehara

    CV.Emiri Kato

  • tomoe

    Tomoe Udagawa

    CV.Yoko Hikasa

  • tsugumi

    Tsugumi Hazawa

    CV.Hisako Kanemoto


A band formed by idols from the same talent agency. The band's first members were Aya, who spent a huge amount of time training for her debut, celebrity and child actor Chisato, and modeling sensation Eve. They were later joined by Hina, who was chosen by audition, and studio musician Maya. The five of them aim to use their band experience to further their careers as idols.

  • aya

    Aya Maruyama

    CV.Ami Maeshima

  • hina

    Hina Hikawa

    CV.Ari Ozawa

  • chisato

    Chisato Shirasagi

    CV.Sumire Uesaka

  • maya

    Maya Yamato

    CV.Ikumi Nakagami

  • eve

    Eve Wakamiya

    CV.Sawako Hata


A highly talented band. With their skilled performances and pro-level vocals, they are a highly regarded group. Vocalist Yukina started the band with a certain special goal in mind. The other members are the like-minded Sayo, childhood friend Lisa, youngest and most talented Ako, and the award-winning pianist Rinko. They play at a well-known live house and hope to someday make it to the big time.

  • yukina

    Yukina Minato

    CV.Aina Aiba

  • sayo

    Sayo Hikawa

    CV.Haruka Kudo

  • lisa

    Lisa Imai

    CV.Yuki Nakashima

  • ako

    Ako Udagawa

    CV.Megu Sakuragawa

  • rinko

    Rinko Shirokane

    CV.Kanon Shizaki

Hello,Happy World!

A band formed on the concept of “Making the world smile.” The super optimistic and crazy rich Kokoro, beautiful and ever-popular Kaoru, sporty Hagumi, kind-hearted and girly Kanon, and calm, cool, and collected Michelle make up this band. They often perform at pre-schools and children’s hospitals, making them popular with the youngsters.

  • kokoro

    Kokoro Tsurumaki

    CV.Miku Ito

  • kaoru

    Kaoru Seta

    CV.Azusa Tadokoro

  • hagumi

    Hagumi Kitazawa

    CV.Yuri Yoshida

  • kanon

    Kanon Matsubara

    CV.Moe Toyota

  • michelle

    Michelle /
    Misaki Okusawa

    CV.Tomoyo Kurosawa





  • rokka

    Rokka Asahi

    CV.Riko Kohara




  • CHU2


    CV.Risa Tsumugi



    CV.Reo Kurachi