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“BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia I : Promise” Messages from Cast and Staff of BanG Dream! Project!

May 28, 2021

The U.S and Canada release of “BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia I : Promise” is now showing on Eventive!

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To celebrate the release, the cast and staff of BanG Dream! Project has special messages for everyone!


Please check out the comments we received from the following cast members and staff!



  • Vo. Aina Aiba
  • Gt. Haruka Kudo
  • Ba. Yuki Nakashima
  • Dr. Megu Sakuragawa
  • Key. Kanon Shizaki


  • Gt.& Vo. of Poppin’Party, Aimi
  • Vo. of Morfonica, Amane Shindo
  • Gt.& Vo. of RAISE A SUILEN, Raychell
  • BanG Dream! Project Executive Producer, Takaaki Kidani
  • SANJIGEN CEO, Hiroaki Matsuura
  • General Director, Kohdai Kakimoto
  • Director Atsushi, Mimura
  • Executive Story Writer, Yuniko Ayana
  • Music Producers, Noriyasu Agematsu (Elements Garden) and Junpei Fujita (Elements Garden)
  • Craft Egg CEO, Shuichi Morikawa
  • BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Contents Producer, Eisuke Sawamura


Special Messages


Roselia Vo. Aina Aiba

I’m really happy to be able to tell our story about forming our band in a movie. 

This will deepen the understanding of the story up to here, and you will love music, Roselia and BanG Dream! more than ever!

Please experience that with everything you got while watching the movie.

I would like to thank everyone who has been supporting us, and please continue to support us!!


Roselia Gt. Haruka Kudo

Congratulations on the release of “BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia I : Promise” which unfolds the story of Roselia’s formation! 

This is an enjoyable movie for both those who already know us and those who want to know about us!

Please cheer for us during the show!


Roselia Ba. Yuki Nakashima

Finally everyone will get to watch “Episode of Roselia I : Promise!” I’m filled with joy!

I’d be happy if everyone can re-experience the path that Roselia has been through.

Please check out the details that can only be found in the Animation as well!

You might find something really interesting~! Please watch it on the big screen! 


Roselia Dr. Megu Sakuragawa

I’ve met so many wonderful people through BanG Dream!

Irreplaceable band members, staff members who always try our best together, and all the BanG Dreamers who always support us. Every single one of them are my precious treasure.

This time, our movie series became a part of my treasure. 

I still can’t believe this surprise which I could have not imagined back when I just started to play drums. 

It feels like a dream to be part of a movie where I’m one of the main characters. 

I hope to be able to deliver how wonderful BanG Dream! is to as many people as possible!


Roselia Key. Shizaki Kanon

Congratulations on the release of “BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia I : Promise!”

When I heard about the story of Roselia becoming a movie for the first time, I was really happy. 

This is all because everyone has been supporting BanG Dream! and Roselia. 

I’m really grateful. Please continue to support us!


Poppin'Party Gt.&Vo. Aimi

Congratulations on the movie release!

After watching this “BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia I : Promise,” I’m in love with Roselia even more through the passion of the cast’s acting, and the detailed expression and scenes depicted by the animation. 

Roselia’s emotions became clear and vibrant through animation. 

I just can’t stop the feeling of adoring everyone in Roselia! Everyone, please enjoy!


Morfonica Vo. Amane Shindo

Congratulations on the release of “BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia I : Promise!”

Both as a cast member and as a BanG Dreamer, I could not wait for this release✨

It’s amazing that I get to watch Roselia’s story in a movie…!

Please enjoy the world of Roselia to the fullest!!


RAISE A SUILEN Ba.&Vo. Raychell

Congratulations on the movie release!!

I watched this movie and I fell in love with Roselia even more. 

It’s filled with Roselia’s passion and love, and the charm of BanG Dream!!

Regardless if you know BanG Dream! or not, please check this movie out!!

BanG Dream! is the best!!!


BanG Dream! Project Executive Producer, Takaaki Kidani

When Roselia was introduced, they already had that completed aura to begin with. 

I was genuinely surprised and moved to watch their struggles and tribulations before that. 

I hope everyone will enjoy the living, breathing Roselia in the movie. 


SANJIGEN CEO, Hiroaki Matsuura

To deliver this Episode of Roselia movie animation to everyone, we were determined to work on this project as SANJIGEN. 

Above anything else, the story of Roselia progresses with the charm and personality of each character. 

Everyone’s passionate cheers grow BanG Dream!, so please watch the movie!

Once you are into the plot, you will start crying so be careful!


General Director, Kohdai Kakimoto

This was a movie by Roselia, with Roselia, for Roselia, as well as everyone who is a BanG Dreamer.

The five members, Director Mimura, and every staff member created this chronicle of Roselia.

Please watch this movie. 


Director, Atsushi Mimura

It has been a while since we announced the production of this movie. I’m really happy to deliver this to everyone!

This movie is enormously important to BanG Dream! and Roselia, so I’m very nervous.

The Roselia members put a lot of their passion into this. Please check this movie out!!


 Executive Story Writer, Yuniko Ayana

In the Anime “BanG Dream! 2nd Season” and “3rd Season”, I portrayed Roselia as upperclassmen figures to Kasumi and friends, but you can see Roselia just as they are in this chapter. 

I once again felt Roselia is wonderful after watching their relationship develop through their struggles and conflicts. 

Please look forward to not only the new song, but also the details we were able to put into this movie!


 Music Producer, Noriyasu Agematsu (Elements Garden) 

Warmest congratulations on the release of “BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia I : Promise!”

Why is Roselia, Roselia?

I was able to make sense of this question after watching this piece. 

I am going to put myself in this feeling for the upcoming music production!

BanG Dreamers, please look forward to it!


Music Producer, Junpei Fujita (Elements Garden)

Congratulations on the release!

I reconfirmed the bonds between the five of them and each of their passions to their music, through the detailed portraits of encounter and growth of the band. 

I listened to the feelings of each member closely to compose the music in this movie. 

The story will make you genuinely want to cheer for Roselia.

Don’t miss out on the concert scene as well!


Craft Egg CEO, Shuichi Morikawa

Congratulations on the release of “BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia I : Promise!”

I’m glad to be able to release the familiar story of Roselia from BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! and being able to enjoy it as a movie!

I really appreciate everyone who was involved for making this project possible. 

The movie became rather voluminous since it includes both the Band Stories and Event Story, but you will find something new every time you watch, so please watch it more than once!


BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Contents Producer, Eisuke Sawamura

Congratulations on the release of “BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia I : Promise!”

It has been about a year and half since we started this project, and I’m very excited to be able to finally show this to everyone. 

We had loads of careful discussions with the production team to create a movie that everyone can enjoy regardless if they know BanG Dream! already, or if they are a first timer. 

To begin with, I would be happy to see if you enjoy this first part.